The Latest Trends in Going Out Dresses by Aimee Greenwood

Now that we're in the midst of summer, it’s hard to ignore all those invitations to head out for a night on the town and catching up with friends but the problem is that sometimes we feel that we just have nothing to wear.

We’ve all been there; those evenings when we’re getting ready to go out and we head to our wardrobes, only to be bored by what we find and no longer feeling that our LBD is a good failsafe option.

If you’re in this dilemma and want to jazz up your wardrobe then make sure that you stand out from the crowd by investing in some glam, stylish and sexy going out dresses that will ensure that you are the centre of attention. There's a fa collection at the K & Co store online if you take a peek.

Bright colours are one of the biggest trends of the season so, if you really do want to stand out, don’t hide away in a drab black dress. Why not opt for a hot red, eye popping green or electric blue to really put yourself on the fashion radar? You don’t have to just stick to one colour either as colour blocking is another major trend, so feel free to clash away with a block coloured jacket to wear over your bright going out dress.

Lace dresses are also making a major comeback, so if you’re looking for a classy, vintage style going out dress then you could do far worse than opting for one of these lovely concoctions. As well as the traditional black lace and white lace, you’ll also find a variety of colourful lace dresses on the rails this season too. Just make sure that you wear appropriate underwear underneath them, otherwise you could end up exposing far more than you meant to!

Another major trend for going out dresses is that of the maxi dress. This is a great style for more casual nights out, such as to a dinner party, barbeque or for a fancy meal, as they suit most body shapes and are perfect for various occasions.