The Essential Eye Set You Need

Halloween is just days away and even if you're not into dressing up or creating any crazy looks I still have some ideas you could follow. Personally, I'm not into gory makeup and never paint my face to dress up. However, whenever Halloween time comes around I like to take this time to try makeup colors that I don't normally work with or are out of my comfort zone. Take orange for example -- it's just not my color. Even though that's the case I still wanted to give the color a try especially since everywhere I turn I'm inspired by the shade. Wether it be from the pumpkins sitting outside of homes to the leaves falling from the trees -- the color is haunting me.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 9.53.21 AM

Using my EcoTools Six Piece Essential Eye Set I'm confident I can create any eye look and you can too! This little kit is perfect for traveling with because it already comes in its own little case to keep the brushes easily protected. I love the versatility in the brushes. This kit brings a large brush, highlighting brush, an angled crease brush, smudge brush and a petite eye shading brush. There is nothing more you need to do your eye makeup. I'm going away next week and this baby is definitely going with me.



For this look I used the angled crease brush in the eye set and applied a brown shade with red-undertones right on my crease.  Make sure you blend that color back and forth until it looks perfect. Then I took the large brush and dabbed the orange/coppery eye shadow all over the lips. This shade had shimmers that make the color really pop. And finally using the smudge brush I applied the same orange eye shadow to my lower lash line.

If you're like me and fear bold colors at times -- take this crazy time of year to experiment with the colors. If the look doesn't turn out how you expected just blame it on Halloween ;).

EcoTools always has makeup and hair inspiration for us. Head over to their blog to see some more fun looks.

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