The Cosmetic Bag You'll Love

Traveling? What are you packing in your makeup, or better yet, do you have a good makeup bag? I have so many products that pop into my mind when I know I’ll be away from home for a while. I try to always just pack the basics, but a girl needs options, so it’s not easy to pack light. My Vemayca cosmetic bag allows me the luxury to carry everything I need and more.

First off, I have to use the word luxury again, because that is what comes to mind when you feel the bag -- pure luxury. This bag is so soft to the touch. If you’re a little OCD like me then the several zippers accompanying the bag will be a plus too. Your bottles and lipstick caps come off and it’s inevitable to avoid a little mess within a makeup bag. This bag has a removal pearl liner for those times when it gets a little messy. It's as simple as removing the dirty one and putting in a new one.

Going away for the weekend, traveling around or just want to organize your makeup then get your own at and take your pick of red or black.