The Body Wash You Need to Try

LUSH Whoosh Shower Jelly Motivation to rise yourself from bed can be impossible to muster. But, I've found a driving force that will kick off your day. Get yourself going with LUSH's Whoosh Jelly. This gelatinous shower cleanser is not only wobbly fun, but has stimulating trifecta of citrus juices--lime, lemon, and grapefruit--that will boost your morale. Uplifting smells such as rosemary and geranium will whisk you from your bedridden daze, leaving you ready to face the world with a smile. The arousing scent alone makes this product worth buying.

This jelly is multi-functional. It can be used as a jiggly body wash or as a cleansing shampoo, chilled in the freezer to add extra stimulation or use it as is. The choice is yours! Personally, I prefer to use it in my hair. Break off a quarter-sized bit of your jelly, rub it into your hair, and massage it into a thick lather. The viscous consistency can make this novelty soap hard to use alone, so if you do choose to use it to scrub up, I recommend the assistance of a loofah. Carrageenan, a mucilaginous extract from Irish moss seaweed, added to the mixture is effective at softening both skin and hair (it's also what makes this jelly...well, jelly!). The glycerin in LUSH's Whoosh is a humectant, which mean it preserves moisture, satisfying your thirsty parts' need for soothing.

If your looking for shower-time fun, LUSH Woosh Shower Jelly is perfect for you!