The Best Tanning Product - Million Dollar Tan

Yes the sun and warm weather is here but your tan might still be lacking. If you read my blog or follow me on twitter then you know how obsessed I am with having the perfect tan. After swearing off tanning beds, trying lotions and sprays I finally found the perfect self-tanner in Million Dollar Tan.

They have lotions, spray solutions and even professional spray tan equipment. I have the Tan Icon Extreme Dark tanning spray in 4 oz. It comes with a big sponge like stick which helps you apply the spray tan formula on. You can always use your hands but I find that using the applicator helps me apply it quicker, easier and it's mess free. And how cute is the pink packaging they ship to you in?!

This spray had a color guard and allows you to see where the color is going. I don't have to worry about my hands being orange or my skin looking blotchy. A little of this tanning spray goes a long way so don't feel like you have to saturate you skin in the stuff. It takes about 6 hours for the tan to develop, but you’ll start seeing some color as soon as you apply it. I like using it right before bed so that by morning I'm nice and tan.

Also, this is completely safe to apply on your face. I use a little on my face so that my entire body matches. It doesn't clog up my skin or breaks me out at all. I've tried plenty of self tanners that work ok and then fade really weird on my body. With Million Dollar Tan the color goes away naturally, so much that you wont even notice it's fading.

Since I work out I feel like the tan lasts me about a week and a half. A lot of friends always ask me tanning related questions like, How to apply a self-tanner, how to make your tan last long and what's the best tanning product -- So I put together a couple of simple rules that will give you the best Tan application ever! Click here to check it out ;)

As for what’s the best self-tanner -- in my opinion Million Dollar Tan takes the title. You can follow them on twitter :)