The Best Sun-Protecting Face Product

The sun can be rather deceiving. It lures us in with its brightness and warmth, as well as the prospect of a great tan, but if we don't act with caution, we can easily end up burnt to a crisp and risking our health. For these reasons, everyone should enter the summer months knowledgeable about how to protect their precious skin-- particularly in one of the most delicate skin regions... your face!


To avoid putting your skin in harm's way as well as to avoid the presence of future wrinkles, take a look into purchasing the ever popular, BB Cream. Beauty Balm Creams by the original Dr. Jart+, otherwise known as "BB Creams" are quickly gaining popularity, and for good reason. These creams hydrate as well as provide defense against aging and help minimize blemishes and dark spots.

My favorite BB Cream by Dr. Jart+ which also happens to be ideal for summer and sun protection is the Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm with SPF 45. This cream, which comes in one universal shade is perfect for an under makeup. It helps by evening my skin tone and is very lightweight. As a whole it keeps me looking natural while fighting against skin's two worst enemies: age and the sun.

This summer, when searching for a product that will help keep your skin safe and won't make you oily or result in breakouts, I highly recommend taking a stop in your nearest Sephora and checking out the BB Creams by Dr. Jart+.