The Beauty of Bobby Pins

To some, a girl's best friends are the beauty-obsessed, a girl's best friends are bobby pins.


These easy-to-lose, yet quick-to-find hair pins work wonders when it comes to giving your hair a sprucing up in a subtle way. They are also incredibly versatile, budget friendly, and easily disguised.

The first step to using bobbies to your advantage is purchasing a large quantity of them and dispersing them among your makeup bag, your bathroom, your purse, and anywhere else you think they might come in handy (I like to keep bobby pins in my car). Next time you find your hair getting boringly flat, I promise you will be thankful to have a stash of bobby pins in one of these convenient places.


One easy way to give your hair some dimension without a ton of effort is to simply pull a section of your hair on either the left or right side into a twist, pinning the end of the twist to the back of your head (no more than two bobby pins are needed).


Another is to follow the same steps, but braid the section of your hair instead of twisting it.

In addition, use bobby pins to get rid of fly-aways for when your hair is in a pony tail, to secure headbands, and to create poofs. The possibilities are endless!!