The Balm Cosmetics - Blush Review

On those tired mornings you find yourself struggling to muster energy for a jam-packed day, one of the best things you can reach for is your makeup -- right?  While it's not the ultimate solution for those cold, busy mornings, makeup does have the added effect of boosting one's glowing skin, maybe even jump starting your mood. That's one of the effects that The Balm Cosmetics's Instain staining powder blushes has on some of my most busy, tired mornings. As a Director at a NYC public school, exuding positive energy, professionalism and personality affects the students we work with - part of that includes looking the part, as well. Front cover of The Balm Cosmetics's Argyle blush, the balm cosmetics instain blush, the balm cosmetics review.

Relying on my go-to products (eyeliner, mascara, bronzer and a pop of lip color) have been my savior. Blush has been added to that list, thanks to The Balm Cosmetics's Argyle blush. Packaged in a creative box resembling that of a front page cover of a newspaper, the package alone is motivation enough to sample the versatile colors made available. The Argyle blush is a petal pink color, and is made of a powder-like consistency, yet has the finish of a long-wearing stain. At first glance, it seemed the petal pink color might not have been a match for my golden, warm undertones, but it is absolutely versatile. Unlike many other blushes, the long-staying power of the blush doesn't require the busy professional/student/mom/what-have-you to reapply towards the end of the day - in fact, while doing a spot check towards the end of my day, the pleasant surprise of my blush still on my cheeks increased my confidence with the product's claims of a "picture-perfect, fresh-off-the-runway" look. Although some blushes, powders and bronzers tend to give the wearer a heavy-wearing look, a light sweep is all that is required for that fresh, feminine look.

Inside of The Balm Cosmetics's Argyle blush.

The Balm Cosmetics's INSTAIN blushes come in six different colors, suitable for all skin tones. Colors ranging from peach to plum, with names such as Swiss Dot and Lace reaffirm the blush's femininity and versatility. At $22.00 each, The Balm Cosmetics's blush seems to be an affordable, fruitful product for the beauty on a budget. Additionally, its compact size makes it travel-friendly and easy to place in your makeup carrier. For more information on INSTAIN blushes visit And if your based out of Canada you can purchase it at