The 101 On Foam & Mousse Hair Dyes

The sun had lightened my hair so much and I felt like it was looking kind of dull -- so I decided to touch it up with a dark brown dye. Usually I’ll use a regular box of dye, but I decided to try Clairol’s mousse color and see what the difference really is. I was skeptical that a mousse could actually dye my hair and not miss any spots, but Clairol proved me wrong.

When you open the box of ClairolsNice ‘N Easy Foam there are two bottles. You pour the contents of bottle #1 into bottle #2 and shake it a couple of times. (The directions say you need to only shake it three times for the color to form). Once you put the plastic gloves on you are ready to dye ;). I like to work my way from the bottom of my hair to the top. It’s not a pump, like I thought, but you’re actually squeezing the bottle and the foam comes right out.

PRO: Not so messy. I always make a huge mess when I dye my hair at home with regular dyes. By the end the color is all over my bathroom. The foam stays in place and doesn’t drip. There was minimal cleaning up to do.

CON: The smell is VERY powerful. My eyes were getting watery as I applied the color and my scalp was a little itchy. Much more powerful than regular color.

The results were great as always. There were no missed spots and my hair looked shiny and dark again. I would definitely buy the foam color again.