Tell Me About Your Sticky Situation *Giveaway*

Has it happened to you? You’re going about your day, you’ve got a million and one things on your plate and you’re running back and forth. With busy days the last thing you need to worry about is your deodorant failing on you. I know I’ve tried some deodorants that just didn’t cut it, but Mitchum’s Advanced Control puts in the extra work for you and then some. No matter what the weather conditions may be, Mitchum keeps you protected for up to 48 hours. It even contains aloe and vitamin E which soothes and conditions.

I love the Powder Fresh scent and the fact that it glides on invisibly is perfect. I can’t even begin to tell you guys how many times I’ve rushed to get dressed to later on find deodorant stains on my clothes -- and that is not cute!

How To Win This Giveaway:

Now it’s time for you to dish. Comment below by telling me about a sticky situation you have gotten in because of a deodorant that barely gave you any protection. Did it stop working at the wrong place, or around the wrong person? I want to know! Two readers will be chosen to win gift cards for mani/pedi’s at a salon near you ;).

I don’t know about you, but I could never pass up on an opportunity to get a free mani/pedi. So get to typing -- I can’t wait to read your responses! Winners will be choosen in two weeks. xoxo