Tame Your Tangles

For anyone with medium to long length hair, tangling is without a doubt a common occurrence. In my case, scarves are the enemy. Whenever I wear them with my hair down, the hair behind my neck quickly becomes a rat's nest. It is incredibly frustrating, and I have finally decided not to put up with it any longer. After researching and testing some clever cures, I've come to find that these are the best when it comes to taming your tangled mess....


Trick # 1

Rinse with cold water. Rinsing your hair with cold water at the end of your usual shampoo/conditioning process will help loosen hair's cuticles, which makes it much easier to comb. Also, note that combing your hair when it is wet is a much better alternative to brushing it. Combing requires more patience, but it is much safer than using a brush to aggressively rip through your hair's knots.

Trick #2

Create your own detangler product! While hair products that advertise detangling do usually work well, creating your own detangler is equally as efficient- plus it's cheaper. Take an empty spray bottle, fill it with water and add a drop of conditioner. When you go to use your concoction, be careful not to spray too much, as large amounts can result in greasy hair.

Trick #3

Don't scrunch your hair post-shower. Once you've exited your shower, be extremely gentle and use your towel carefully. The best way to towel dry your hair is to squeeze and then pat it.

All three of these tricks are incredibly simple, but nonetheless very helpful in conquering your stubborn locks.