Take The Clear Scalp 7-Day Challenge

When it comes to the relationships I have with hair products I can't say that I've always been loyal. Looking back, I can’t think of a shampoo and conditioner duo that I’ve repurchased after finishing the first bottle. One brand might give me clean hair while another gives me smooth locks, but there has never been one to fully offer everything I was looking for. That is until I took the Clean Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy 7-day challenge.


Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy believe that by working at the right end (or scalp) we’ll see a huge difference in the appearance and feel of our hair. And they are so right! Clear has a blend of 10 vitamins and nutrients that make the hair transformation achievable.

A couple of months ago I tried Clear shampoo and conditioner and really loved them. I had other shampoos and conditioners that I hadn’t finished up using and didn’t just want to let them go to waste. Once I was done with everything I decided pick up a duo that would be most beneficial for my hair. I started using the Clear Damage & Color Repair and the matching Deep Nourishing Treatment Mask and was reminded of how much I loved the brand in the first place. My hair has never felt softer or looked healthier. It’s a bonus how amazing it smells too.

I’ve been using Clear for the last couple of weeks and can honestly say that I will repurchase. It just goes to show that you don’t need to settle in any of your relationships until you are completely fulfilled. Visit the Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Facebook page to receive free samples and take the 7-day challenge for yourself!