Take Lashes From Blah to Glam!

Kim Kardashian will have nothing on you when you’ve got Eylure Eyelashes on your side. Personally, applying false eyelashes is a bit of a struggle for me and sometimes I opt not to do it at all. If you feel the same way then I urge to try Eylure Naturalites.

Eylure offers different types of lashes for any occassion you might need to wear them to. I got to try the Eylure Naturalites in two types. One was a full set of lashes and the other one was an over-the-top even fuller look. The third type I tried was Eylure Ready to Wear. These were much natural looking -- perfect for an everyday look.

These eyelashes stand apart with their easy application and guess what? They’re RESUABLE! They don’t irritate your eyes, and the adhesive dries quickly without leaving any residue behind. These lashes have been #1 in the UK and have now made their way to the US. Starting at $5.99 they are more than affordable. Now when I’m getting ready for a night out I reach for Eylure.

XO Melissa