Swimwear Guide for all Body Types

With Spring Break on my mind constantly, I thought it would be fitting to talk about swimwear. Every woman is unique and has a specific body type, which makes it a little confusing with all the styles, colors, and patterns of swimwear out in stores. Regardless of what your shape is, you should flaunt it proudly this Spring! So, here's a brief guide on how to find the most flattering swim suit for your body! swim

If your body is fairly straight up and down In order to enhance the curves of your body, try a swim suit with a ruffled bottom or even a small detail on either side of the hips, such as a tie. To enhance the bust area, pick a top with a detail to bring attention to this area. You can try with fringe, jewels, or even a loud print.

If your hips and lower half of your body is larger than your upper half and bust, try a swimsuit that enhances your bust. Try a top with built in under wire or even a corset top. This will help to balance out your body's proportions.

If hips, torso, and bust are around the same width, to give you a streamlined, hourglass effect, try a swim suit that has piping down both sides of your torso curving inwards, like the picture above. To give you support, try a bandeau or halter style on top. These styles will help give your bust more coverage. A ruched fabric will also help to focus attention away from any problem areas.

For hourglass shaped women, or women with fairly average sized hips and bust, and a small waist; you can try a multitude of styles. However, a monokini, or a bikini with cut outs on either side of the waist will further enhance your small waist.

Remember ladies, wear whatever makes you feel confident and be sure to flaunt your beauty.