Sustainable Fashion: Spotlight on H&M

Photo Courtesy: Think back to how many times you have thrown out your worn out shoes, tossed out your favorite pair of jeans or discarded stained t-shirts within the past year. Now, multiply that by about 3 million tons and the number may shock you - according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, about 9 million tons of clothes, shoes and accessories are discarded each year.

Shocked enough? Yes, so are we. Thankfully, there are environmentally conscious designers and retailers that have taken this into account and have also started to address this wastefulness. Leading designers such as Stella McCartney and Gucci have jumped on the "sustainable" bandwagon and have since produced biodegradable clothing and/or accessories. Additionally, Stella McCartney, well-known for her shunning of leather and fur, remains to be one of the leading designers to incorporate this idea of eco-friendly fashion lines.

Thinking of the great impact high-end designers such as the ones previously mentioned above have had on the fashion world, it's no surprise that mass retailers such as H&M and Puma have followed suit. H&M's sustainability program ensures that their carbon footprint in the world is reduced by working with the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), aimed to promote a more sustainable production, transportation and merchandising of one of the world's greatest resources - cotton.

And if you're not fully convinced of H&M's BCI, take a look into their "Conscious Collection" line (pictures above), a line that not only promotes an environmentally friendly atmosphere, but does not compromise style and price points, while doing so. Made from materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, recycled plastic and organic linen, it's no wonder why H&M has become the giant that it is. By providing clothing, accessories and shoe options for more informed, fashion-forward men and women, we also have the option to help reduce our carbon footprint in the world - a feat that the fashion world is slowly, but surely, moving towards.