Super Glam Custom Lipstick

You guys now that I am a lipstick girl. I never leave the house without it and my collection is borderline obsessive. An amazing opportunity came my way when the CEO of LTW Custom Cosmetics, Lynn, offered to make me my very own custom lipstick. Of course this lipstick had to be the perfect shade of Barbie pink for me. The details going into the creation of the lipstick were also all left up to me. I went with a pigmented pink, matte finish, and peach bellini scented lipstick. The result was this beautiful lipstick by the name of -- Super Glam. The packaging is equally as cute as the shade, made up of a leopard print embellished gold lipstick tube.

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What I love about LTW Custom Cosmetics is that anyone can have a custom lipstick made and the possibilities are endless. Lynn even offers vegan options. It doesn't just end with lip products either. Although the other cosmetics you can't custom make, you are able to purchase ready to wear eyeshadows, foundations and blushes. All in all if you have a dream lipstick or gloss LTW will create it for you.

Create your own lipstick or shop the Super Glam one here. Also, check out the Fashionista Collection. If you watched my May Favorites video you'll remember this collection from there. Dana Prigge of had custom lipsticks created in honor of her website and it's definitely a collection not be missed out on.

Super Glam Lipstick