Super Bowl 2014- Guide To Healthy Snacking

Personally, when I think of the Super Bowl, I think of food right away. Some of the common snacks people munch on during the annual game of football might include chicken wings, pretzels, chips, popcorn, cocktail hotdogs, and basically any other finger food. At my super bowl parties, we usually have sub sandwiches for dinner as well. It is OKAY to indulge in these tasty snacks and enjoy the Super Bowl. After all, the big game only comes one time a year. Here are some tips on how to add in a few healthy yet delicious options to indulge throughout the celebration.

Salsa, artichoke dip, bean dip, and hummus are just a few great dipping options for chips! This yummy toppings taste amazing and are made from vegetables.


Pretzels are a great snack, and they're not very unhealthy! This snack is satisfying and fun to eat.  A great way to choose which pretzels to buy might be to choose ones with less salt. Too much salt isn't good for anyone.

Super Bowl Food Buffalo Pretzels

Okay, how cute does this look? Peanut butter covered with chocolate sprinkles and decorated to look like a football. Enjoy any favorite fruit or snack in this adorable, peanut butter cuteness!

d5833cd6a272e36ba34867cdf496c7f0The most important Super Bowl Sunday tip, glam dolls, is to ENJOY! We hope everyone has an amazing night with friends and family. Good luck to the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks!