Sun Without the Sun: Glow this Season with Sun Laboratories

There are so many sunless tanner products on the market to the point where it becomes challenging knowing which brands you should invest in, let alone trust. With the autumn season in full effect, it is crucial that a sunless tanner used during this time is natural-looking. And knowing that sunless tanners tend to receive a bad reputation in general for the streaks, unnatural tan, clogged pores, etc., makes it even harder to just go out and buy the products. I’ve been using the Sun Laboratories dark collection and have been completely and pleasantly surprised by the outcome. I have a fair-olive skin tone and was hesitant in using the dark collection for fear my tan would look so unnatural. In reality, it has been the opposite. Applying the lotions only two-three times a week gives me a sun-kissed glow without stepping into a tanning bed or traveling to the Bahamas. What I love most about this sunless tanner collection is that it involved three steps in creating and maintaining a tan. Instead of one lotion or one spray can, there are two lotions and a scrub towards getting this natural sun tan look. Although three steps appear tedious in theory, you won’t even notice since you only need to use the collection a few days week! Plus, you’ll most likely find yourself looking forward to using these products like I certainly have been.


The first step in building a tan using the Sun Laboratories collection is the Exfoliating Body Scrub. This scrub is perfect to use in the shower and is meant to exfoliate the skin by eliminating dead skin cells, preparing your skin to absorb the tanning lotion completely and evenly. Once you have completely dried off from using the scrub, apply the Dark Self Tanner Solution on your legs, arms, neck, you name it. This product is even gentle enough on your face and that is so essential to me for using a sunless tanner because my skin is relatively sensitive to those types of products. A size of a quarter, if not smaller is all you need to apply the lotion on your face and neck. Be sure that you apply the lotion evenly on your body and that you wash your hands right afterwards. Your hands will look significantly darker from applying the moisturizer but all you need is soap and water and the tanning lotion will wash away.

Instead of this product causing you to feel sticky if not smelly afterwards, it instead feels as though you have merely applied moisturizer with a faint scent that doesn't linger long at all. You don't even have to worry about using old or worn clothes after having applied the lotion because it absorbs quickly and washes out instantly if there are any traces of the lotion. And last but certainly not least is the third step which is the Tan Maintainer Moisturizer that will help prevent your tan from fading. If you are using the Dark Self Tanner Solution in the evening, I recommend applying the Tan Maintainer Moisturizer the next morning to capture and protect your gradual tan. And don't be surprised if your skin is noticeably darker within hours, it's supposed to happen! Using the scrub, tanning solution, and the maintaining lotion no more than three times a week will guarantee a natural looking tan to spruce up your season. While this trio normally costs $59, it is currently on sale for $39.95! Trends change throughout the year but glowing skin is perfect for every season!