Summer’s Grand Finale: How to Transition your Summer Essentials into Fall Attire

If you’re anything like me, you bought way too many skirts, shorts, and lightweight tops during the summer. Before you pack those summer essentials away, let’s give them a well deserved last hoorah! Mixing your summer clothes into your fall wardrobe is not only fun, but also helps you maintain your budget.

Chiffon maxi skirts and dresses were ethereal during the warmer months. With just a few styling tips, you can wear your delicate skirts and dresses well through the autumn.  The first tip is to layer. If you have a streamlined maxi skirt, layer a slouchy sweater to counteract the femininity. Add western booties for a vintage touch, and an oxblood colored bag to incorporate a fall color palette. If you have a maxi dress, don’t fret! Layer your sweater right over the top half of your dress. Add jackets and fur vests for an even warmer, layered ensemble. Look, you’re all dolled up to have lunch with the girls or a go on a movie date!

You really know summer has arrived when people start rocking shorts. They scream summer and give off a cool, laid-back vibe. Why not show a little leg in the fall too? Black shorts are great for dressier looks, while blue denim is great for causal outings. To make shorts more weather-friendly, add a fun pair of colored, solid, or patterned tights. Add a bold, oxblood toned blazer for the perfect fall statement. To stay away from that dark look we get caught in during the colder months, add a bright blue shoulder bag. Finish this edgy outfit with gunmetal jewelry and comfy western ankle booties. You’re all set to paint the town or go see your favorite band in concert.

Bright silk chiffon button-ups were all the rage a couple of months ago. Believe it or not, these summery bright tops can act as a burst of color in your jewel and earth toned fall color palette. To add some life to your dark fall wardrobe, pair the chiffon blouse with a huge fall trend this season, leather! To compliment the warm tone of the blouse, go for a burgundy/red toned leather pant. For texture and character, add a fun fur vest right on top. Finish it off with studded taupe biker boots and silver arm candy. This look is city chic, great for errands, as well as creative work environments.

Denim shirts are lightweight and have a western, vintage vibe in the summer. Use this casual garment, and kick it up a notch. To streamline the body, and define those gorgeous curves, tuck the denim shirt into a fun, flirty leather skirt. A big fashion tip is Balance. Too much of anything is never good. If you are rocking volume on the bottom, wear something fitted on the top, and vice versa. Add a trendy statement necklace and sky-high pumps for a feminine touch. Then of course, to offset that add a cargo jacket for a military, masculine feel. Hurry, you’re all ready to go to a function or dinner with old friends!