Summer Travel Wear

The colder-than-average temperatures on the East Coast this Spring has many of us wondering - will we be covering up with cardigans? Or basking in the warm sunlight? If you're looking to escape the colder temperatures by heading to warmer weather, check out below for some of our favorite picks for summer travel wear:

En route


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When you're en route to your destination, comfort and style are key. Choose comfortable pants and a loose-fitted tee for a more relaxed look. Add gladiator sandals or embellished flats (whichever your personality prefers) and wear bright colors to uplift your mood! We love the sea green harem pants (middle picture) paired with a white, flowing blouse - Simple. Comfortable. Chic.

Dinner on the beach

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You've arrived at your destination safely and your first thoughts wander to food. And if you're lucky, you will get to have dinner on the beach or at least, alongside so. The later hours tend to be a bit cooler, and choosing dresses with loose structures, 3/4 sleeves or long-sleeves and shorter lengths is the perfect balance for the cooler temps on the beach. When packing, it's best to choose a versatile dress, such as the ones above, so you can accessorize, add leggings or pair with different shoes, for another night!



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Now comes the fun part of summer travel - cocktails! Or for those who are not a fan - mocktails! On trend are crop tops - enough to show skin but enough to cover up with a high-waisted short or skirt, if you're not as comfortable. Choose one of your liking - from printed florals to lace to chambray - and pair with any type of bottom you're most comfortable with.  For a slimmer fit, pair crop tops with high-waisted bottoms. Mix two prints in one or go bold and monochromatic!


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After a long day and night of traveling and dinner and dancing, the last thing you'd want to do is wake up for an early breakfast. If you do, make it a stylish one - grab a swimsuit top, a cardigan and pair with beach pants! For a more comfortable look, go ahead and sport a loose crew neck sweatshirt and pair with leggings and sneaker wedges. Putting more effort into your morning look will actually lift your mood and help you get prepared for activities ahead.

What are some of your favorite travel outfits? We'd love for you to share them with us on Facebook!