Strengthen & Nourish Hair

There’s a new shampoo and conditioner that has been catching my attention almost everywhere I go, called Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy. I first noticed the product in a series of commercials. Heidi Klum was the first celebrity I saw speaking about it. Then there were a couple with E! News correspondent Giuliana Rancic (Which has perfect hair). After that the lavender bottled hair product was at every drugstore I visited.

What was all the fuss over it -- obviously I had to find out for myself. Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty offers a variety of products. Depending on your hair’s needs whether you want more volume, need damage control or added strength, is how you would choose. I went with the Total Care, which is meant for all hair types.

Smell is a huge factor for me and this duo smelled incredible even long after I styled my hair. Best of all, it left my hair feeling very clean and super soft. There are a ten vitamins and nutrients in the formula that nourish your hair and strengthen the scalp. They have a collection for men as well so don’t forget about pampering your guy’s hair too ;).