Step by Step - Summer Glow & Hair Twists

I'm all about that glow life -- especially during the Summer months. In today's blog post I want to show you how sometime's it's not about the products you use (to achieve a Summer glow) but about the tools you use to apply those products. Keep reading to find out why EcoTools is my go-to brand when it comes to creating a glowy makeup look and beautiful hair twists. ecotoolsbrushes (1)

Let's start of with the makeup, because that's my favorite. Using just 3 brushes from the EcoTools collection, we're going to make our complexion look Summer-ready.


Step 1: Take your Stippling Brush to apply sunscreen and your preferred foundation all over. This brush gets you an even application.

Step 2: Using the Angled Kabuki brush, pick up some bronzer and apply where the sun naturally hits your face (your temples, checks and jawline). This is my favorite brush to use, because it gives me a natural, sun-kissed look.

Step 3: I'm going for a peachy look, so using the Tapered Blush brush I'm going to dab my peachy blush on my cheeks.

And last, but not least select your lipstick shade for the day. I love a nude/peachy lip. It brings the entire glowy look together.

Now for the hair -- twists are so fun and easy to do. The great thing about adding some twists to your hair is that it doesn't matter what length it is, because it looks great on all. I recently cut my hair and love that I can still incorporate this into any of my looks.


Step 1: Blow dry your hair using the Full Volume Styler. This baby is my secret weapon for getting a voluminous blow-out.

Step 2: Once hair is dry, pick up the Smoothing Detangler brush. You're going to brush through your hair and make sure there are no knots.

Step 3: Using that same detangling brush, separate your hair up top and tease at the crown for some added lift.

Step 4: Select desired amount of hair and twist towards the back of your head. Using bobby pins, secure the twists. And there you have it, easy hair that won't get in your way.


You too can re-create both of these looks. They're easy and quick plus the tools I used from EcoTools are incredibly affordable. Check out the website and shop your favorites! Which of these will you be trying today? The makeup, hair or both?! Tag me in your photos :)

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