Stay Out and Stay Up with Undercover Glamour’s Party Bras

Finding a great outfit for the night is one thing, but sometimes I find myself more concerned with finding the right bra that’ll actually work with what I want to wear. Strapless, backless, or lace tops/dresses sound glamorous in theory but never thought a bustier gal would be able to easily pull it off. Bandeaus and strapless bras are always a plus but they can be so limiting at times where you find yourself adjusting your bra the whole night. After rocking Undercover Glamour’s ‘Party Bras’ this past weekend, I’ve now found two great bras that I feel secure and comfortable in. Both stick on bras, I've been wearing 'The Silicone Party Bra' in the color clear and "The Party Bra" in the color white.

Having dismissed adhesive bras in the past, I was relieved by Undercover Glamour to have found myself not going to the bathroom every ten minutes to make sure the band wasn’t showing. With Undercover Glamour’s adhesive bras, they come in a rounded shape with a front clasp to compliment as well as extenuate your bust. I’m a 34B-36B and rarely feel that I need to give myself a push-up. I was once again relieved that these adhesive bras give you the freedom to position your bust either naturally or with a lift. There's no fuss! Just navigate the positions of the bra until you feel your most comfortable and then get ready to complete your outfit with that special dress/top.

Although it definitely feels a little odd rocking a bra where you don’t feel as though you’re wearing one, there are ways to wear these adhesive bras to ensure that you’ll feel more secure. Gravitate towards relatively slimmer/tighter fitting tops or dresses in the bust area but the sticky bra will be that much more inclined to remain in place. One of the main reasons sticky bras lose their, for lack of a better word, stickiness, is perspiration. If you know you are going to dance the night away but still want the support of an adhesive bra, then avoid looser fitting outfits and stick to slimmer fitting ones for more security. And for less or minimal perspiration environments, don’t be afraid to wear anything along with your adhesive bras. They are meant to stay up but they just need some love, care, and attention like we all do!

Prior to applying the Party Bras, be sure that the area is completely dry. Any moister left from either perspiration or shower tends to compromise the effectiveness of adhesive bras. And when you are home and getting ready to hit the hay, be sure to always wash the bras gently with soap and water. This will restore its sticky-factor. Think about it, we wash our actual bras after wearing them so why wouldn't we wash these types of bras as well? Caring for these Party Bras in just a few easy ways will help you stay out and stay up thanks to Undercover Glamour!