Spring Stylin With Kleenex

When I was younger I never imagined home decor being something I'd ever enjoy, and boy was I wrong. Home decor is something I'm enjoying more and more everyday. Your living space is your sacred space. You make your home what you want it to be and it's a reflection of your layers.

The color schemes, the shapes, the items you place in each room -- these are all things that make a difference when decorating. In one room you can create tranquility and in another you can create a fun atmosphere. That's why I love how stylish Kleenex products are.
There are certain things you place around the house that you need, but aren't always so appealing to the eye. Take an ordinary tissue box for example. Usually it's a plain item but Kleenex, on the contrary, makes their boxes decorative and stylish. They have different patterns and colors to choose from, so no matter what theme your room is there's a style for you.
Recently my bathroom got a mini makeover. With Spring underway we switched up the colors to include brighter, softer tones. I saw a pastel blue, printed Kleenex tissue box while shopping and knew instantly it would match the bathroom decor perfectly. The bright lighting in the bathroom is the perfect place for me to do my makeup every morning and tissues are always a must. I use them to touch up and clean my makeup brushes. The fact that Kleenex provides a beautiful print to something I use on a daily basis is very convenient.
My living room on the other hand has a warmer toned, theme with browns and burnt orange. The orange, floral Kleenex box fit the decor perfectly. The living room is where most people spend time so every piece that goes into that place needs to be beautiful and fitting.
For the finishing touches in your home and everyday life check out Kleenex. Check out this video about Kleenex style: