Spring into Summer

Many thanks to  Aleya Bamdad from Manhattan Beauty School Hair Design Institute for writing this article! Until now you’ve been reading all about the Spring beauty trends, but which ones can you take with you into the Summer season? You’ll be happy to find that some of the hottest trends for Spring will still be around for Summer saving you from the heartache of missing your favorite trend. Check out these beauty trend tips to see if your favorite is one of them:

Moon Manicures

This nail polish design is an elegant update to the French manicure. Feel free to use trendy nail colors in the Spring, but when the Summer arrives try using a nude base with black moons.

Brightly Colored Eye Shadow

I love the fun shadow colors that are in style now because it’s so interesting seeing people walk down the street with hot pink or a dazzling yellow eye shadow. However, if you’re not comfortable with this look, try a violet or deep purple eye shadow. It’s a more subtle look, but still very fashionable.

Lips That Pop

We’ve been seeing berry colored lipsticks for spring, but have to take it one step further as it gets hotter. Try hot pink or red lipstick to kick off the summer.

A Major Part In Your Hair

It doesn’t really matter where you part your hair- the middle or one of the sides, but it should be very visible. Gwenyth Paltrow wore this look in its sleekest form at the Golden Globes, but you can still pull off this style if your hair is a little messier.

High Buns

Not just any bun! Style the bun high up and get creative with it- braid it or make an over-sized bun that looks messy. This season, the bigger the bun the better.

Brightly Colored Hair Accessories

Try a hair clip in the shape of a flower or a fun barrett or headband that is a bright, warm color. The accessory will add a sense of fun, romance and color to your outfit.

Glowing Skin

Finally, it’s very important to have healthy glowing looking skin this summer.  The best way to do this without laying out all day is to use golden shimmers or bronzers to give you a nice bronzed glow.

These Spring/Summer Beauty Trends are sure to inspire a young, fresh look and feel in you. Even if these trends are a little out of your comfort zone, start out with one of the tamer ones and then slowly take it a step further as your comfort level allows.