Spring Cleaning: Makeup Bag Edition

Just like you would your attic, it's important to sort through your makeup bag on a regular basis. Using these guidelines, try taking apart and putting back together your makeup bag. Ensuring that the products you're using haven't expired will give you a whole new perspective on what a fresh face really feels like.

Whats in my makeup bag 2

Mascara & Eyeliner

You're mascara and eyeliner (both liquid and pencil) should be no more than 3 months old. Once they are exposed to air, they begin to collect bacteria, and after 3 months, this bacteria becomes dangerous to your eyes. Also remember to sharpen pencil eyeliner before every use; this will clean it and help increase its lifespan.

Lipstick & Lip Gloss

After approximately one year (if it has even lasted that long), it is time to replace your lip product. Dryness and change in color are also signs that your lip products are outdated.

Powder & Blush

Powder products are fantastic when it comes to aging... as long as they are kept in cool, dry places, they have the capacity to last between 2-3 years. Loose powder in particular has the potential to stay fresh for an even longer time.

Liquid Foundation

A sealed foundation has the capacity to stay fresh for up to 2 whole years! If it has been opened, however, you should try to replace it around the 8 month mark.