Spring 2013 Beauty Trends

With the sun lingering past 5pm and the slow blossoming of flowers, I think it's safe to say that spring is finally upon us. And with the change in season, we welcome a few new beauty trends as well... The first of these warm weather trends is Bright Lips:

This past winter focused on deep red lip shades that gave ode to mystery and warmth. As we transition into spring, it appears that the concept of colored lips is sticking; however this time around, the shades promise to be bolder and brighter. Ever wanted to try neon pink/orange lips? This season, the makeup industry is giving their stamp of approval. Day or night, this makeup trend will add a pop of color to your overall look and help you stand out.

To keep up with this trend, I recently picked up a Stain Stay Lip Stain by Pop Beauty at Ulta in "Pop Pink".


Also on the trending list for spring 2013 -- Standout Lashes:

When it comes to eyes this season, the focus is on having fun with your lashes. False lashes will be making a comeback, as will the expertly-curled, inked-out style made recognizable by Twiggy. Try experimenting with differently shaped glue-on lashes in addition to your mascara and eyelash curler. Find your preferred style and do it big-- tip: using a little white liner in contrast to dark lashes can add striking elements of glamour.


Lastly, Ocean -- Inspired Eyes:

This season is over boring blacks and browns when it comes to eyeliner. Instead, we'll be seeing various shades of blue and green...tropical colored eyeliner in hues such as turquoise and aqua is doable for both day and night, as well as for the average makeup-wearer. If you are afraid to give this look a chance, start small; a thin lining of just your upper eyeliner in green can give added color without drawing too much attention. Once you get comfortable with this look, you can try adding cat eyes for fierceness.


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