Spray Tan With A Wand

If you have ever tried to give yourself a spray tan, then you know how difficult that task can be. Don’t you wish there was some kind of magical wand that made it easier? Well now there is -- Sheer Tan Wand.

When I got my Sheer Tan Wand in the mail I immediately starting prepping for it. I exfoliated in the shower, pulled my hair back and started spraying. The wand is the perfect length and allows you to reach even the toughest parts of your body. The spray is very light and you don’t see color right away, but after a couple of hours the tan is apparent. The starting kit comes with the foldable wand, one spray tan can and a pair of gloves. You can purchase additional spray cans at any time.

I would recommend doing this spray tan right before bed. The smell can be a little overpowering, but when you wake up in the morning it’s completely absorbed into your skin and you’ve got a great tan.

Check it out for yourself http://www.best-selftanner.com.