Spin Pins: A Hair Must-Have

spin pins  

When I saw the first TV commercial for spin pins , I thought they were a useless gimmick product or something I might buy but only use once. But I picked them up at Walmart and have been using them regularly for years now. They seriously are a life saver on lazy hair days!

You create a bun like normal (I usually hold it loosely with a pony tail first), and then spin a spin pin into it from opposite sides. Mist it with some hair spray, and it'll stay all day. They'll hold your hair in place without using a million bobby pins, and you don't have to worry about it coming loose even when working out. The only recommendation I have is to spin the pins through the middle of the bun instead of trying to spin it through the hair at your scalp, because it gives me headaches if I pull the hair too tight.

They come in a blonde color and a darker color to blend in with your hair, and they're less than $5 at drugstores. They work perfectly for messy buns or for neat ballerina buns. They're absolutely a must have!