Sparkle Therapy

So maybe you and your girlfriends had a little too much fun this holiday season , and went overboard with buying flashy dresses and showstopping numbers. Wait! Don't go putting those away just yet. I say there's always room in your life for a little fun and sparkle! Why only save your fun frocks and accessories for New Years? Today I'll show you how to mix holiday, festive pieces in to your everyday life. Are you ready for a little sparkle therapy?


Start off with what you already have. You can never go wrong with your favorite tee, black pumps, and black pants. Trade out your corporate blazer for a sequin menswear inspired tux! The trick is to let the sequin piece shine and be the focal point of your outfit. Now, you're in business.


Now, what to do about that revealing mini sequin number...Add layers on top! Put a conservative, chic, crew neck sweater on top, letting the skirt of the dress peak through. Throw on a blazer or even a cargo jacket for that worn out look. Again, the less the better! This would be perfect for a lunch or a semi-casual date. Below is more inspiration for mixing in flashy accessories in to your ordinary days(:



Have fun.  Xoxo M.