Socially-Conscious Eyewear: Warby Parker

Photo Courtesy: Eye wear is not typically a focus on fashion - but for those of us who wear prescription glasses, you're in luck. Recently, while thumbing through my latest issue of Elle Magazine, I've come across a number of ads for prescription eye wear. These ads, coupled with celebrity features, lets us as consumers know that fashion eye wear should not be compromised - in fact, it's a subtle hint for us to incorporate our sense of style even down to our favorite spectacles.

For the latest eye wear trends, you can easily thumb through your favorite magazine, like I did. However, for the more socially-conscious, style-driven person, look no further than my favorite company, Warby Parker. Beginning as a four-person collaboration, Warby Parker acknowledges the high price points that eye wear companies charge their consumers, due to being controlled by a few large companies. Their vintage-inspired eye wear is perfect for the more retro, bohemian person. However, its contemporary twist makes any of their frames complementary for any face structure.

More importantly, Warby Parker is known for "eyewear with a purpose". Their awareness regarding the one billion people in the world who lack access to glasses is made evident by their partnerships with non-profits such as VisionSpring. These partnerships enable Warby Parker to donate a pair of eye glasses to someone in need, every time a purchase is made. Not only do I admire their ability to provide their customers with high-quality prescription eye wear at a fraction of the market price, but their socially-conscious approach reaches a different kind of consumer, a more informed and aware consumer - something as fashion-conscious people, we all ought to be.

For a look at their optical wear, click here for women and click here for men. For their stylish sunglasses, click here for women and here for men. Versatile enough to wear with a fitted suit or a white tee and boyfriend jeans, Warby Parker's glasses appeal to everyone. Their added goal of addressing lack of access to proper eye wear is one that we can all contribute to, by making it yours as well.