Snakeskin Pedicure

You've surely heard of snake skin shoes and hand bags, but have you heard of a snake skin pedicure? A salon owner in California is creating a trend in the nail industry that is probably just beginning. Terri Silacci, owner of Nail Lounge in Euphoria Lounge Salon & Spa, learned how to clean the snake skin and disinfect it from any poison that might still be left behind. The idea came to her when her kids brought home a piece of snake skin from a science class- which just goes to show how inspiration can come to you at any time. She was fascinated by the texture and incorporated it into her salon.

Before you get all excited and start googling away where to get this done- wait till I tell you the price. The ‘Pedicure With Snakeskin’, as it’s labeled at Silacci’s salon, will cost you $300. That's the price to pay for an outrageous beauty trend. Would you pay that much for a pedicure? If money was no option I'd be trying it out for myself!