Smoothing & Soothing Body Butters

When it comes to skin, nobody likes it rough! Pacifica body butters will have you smelling deliciously divine, while providing intense moisturizing. Essential oil blends with tropical and earthy notes will whisk you away to a unique olfactive destination. The exotic scents of the fragrant woods of India, florals of Hawaii, and fruits of the Mediterranean will have your nose delighted. These intoxicating fragrances include Sandalwood, Indian Coconut Nectar, Hawaiian Rudy Guava, Persian Rose, Lotus Garden-- and my favorite, Tuscan Blood Orange! And the vibrantly colored packaging makes for a striking vanity prop.

Hawaiian Ruby GuavaLotus Garden

Body butters are the ultimate humectant, leaving you touch-worthy and incredibly supple. Pacifica body butters are my utmost favorite moisturizer for devastated skin. Packed with skin-loving, wholesome naturals--such as shea butter, almond oil, and safflower oil-- these butters are remarkably reparative to parched skin. Plus, Pacifica body butters are formulated with rich anti-oxidants that penetrate the skin to fight signs of aging. Free of allergenic parabens, this product is safe for those with sensitive skin to use. Considering the slightly oil consistency, I recommend slathering up before bedtime and letting the butters work their moisturizing magic!

Tuscan Blood OrangeIndian Coconut

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