Skin Care You Can Feel Good About

Who knew that lip lotion, and body butter had the power to awaken as well as calm you?  Take a break from your go-to perfume or body fragrance, for this aromatherapy session by Butter by Keba could sell itself but it does so much more. In addition to these products being completely organic, the moister and fragrance are both long-lasting. Each item makes you feel as if you have had a day at the spa. It is the perfect routine to start your morning with, apply in the office to invigorate your day, or complete your nightly skin care schedule. Lightweight and absorbs quickly, these products make such an impact after only taking a moment to use it.

Now what is it about these scents that make the lotions and body butter so intoxicating? Butter by Keba uses the unique and scented oils of chamomile, grapefruit, green tea, sage, coconut, and many more. Combined with shea butter, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, Butter by Keba effortlessly defines what scented moisturizers should all be aspire to be like.

Body butter vs. Body lotion, how does one choose? Butter by Keba’s products are all meant to enhance moisturize the body but in different ways. The body lotions, which come in Citruese, Georgia Tea, Green Tea, La Vera, Lotus Nut, Lavender Cami, Nostaljialeek, Precious Sudan and White Silk, instantly soften your skin without leaving a greasy or heavy residue behind. I’ve been using the Georgia Tea, Lavender Cami, and La Vera, Coconut and cannot get enough. Each scent offers something unique, natural, and fresh while also leaving a warming and nourishing feeling every time. Similar to the body lotion, the body butter too is meant for skin nourishment. Melting into the skin, this line of body butter products also work towards healing the skin as well as improve the tissue’s elasticity. I’ve been using the Green Tea Butter and the Almost Unscented Butter for lip balm and irritated/problem skin areas. Plus, I’ve even applied the butter on dark spots and even traces of acne due its skin healing effects. I find it is the perfect end to my day as I fall asleep with a natural aroma surrounding me while also knowing that my skin is gradually improving. With this organic body care line; be prepared to see richness with results. Say goodbye to the spa and say hello to Butter by Keba, where you can create your own aromatherapy session any day and anywhere!