Simplified Beauty With Manna Cosmetics

When you come across a good product you know it instantly after applying it. That’s exactly how I felt when I used two products from Manna Cosmetics. Manna Kadar is the founder of the cosmetics line and built the brand on the belief that beauty should and can be simplified.

Camera Ready

I am a huge fan of primers and I think I just found my next fave. The Camera Ready primer is a silicone based, clear primer that is incredibly soft. The matte finish it gives you is what I love most about it. If you’re expecting your makeup to last all day, don’t skip this very important step. Primer will diminish fine lines and even out your skin’s texture.

Sheer Glo

I can’t get enough of this liquid. Apply it all over your face for a radiant glow. The best part is that you can mix it with your foundation for the perfect combination of coverage and glowing skin. Think of it like a pick-me-up. If you have ever woken up thinking your skin was looking a little on the drab side, dab some Sheer Glo on and watch your face light up.

If the rest of the Manna collection is anything like these two products then I can’t wait to try some more things from their collection.