Simple Method to Clean Makeup Brushes

Just like the hair on our head, it's important to wash makeup brushes regularly in an effort to avoid trapped oil that can potentially harm skin.


One of the easiest, most efficient ways to wash brushes requires only two ingredients: cold water and shampoo. Start by rinsing your brushes individually with the faucet set to cool. You can gently massage the bristles root-to-tip while doing this, as it will help bring all trapped dirt and powder to surface.

Once the brush heads are fully wet, add a penny-sized drop of shampoo to each of them. Now incorporating the shampoo with the water, massage the bristles a second time, still following the root-to-tip direction. Once the shampoo has been evenly distributed, rinse the brushes to get rid of suds.

Finally, use a towel to carefully pat the brushes dry. Be sure to use enough pressure to remove all excess water, but be gentle enough not to bend or break any bristles. Once this step is complete and the brushes are completely rinsed and free of excess water, lay them out on a towel and set them in a safe place to air dry overnight. In the morning, the brushes should be completely dry and ready for use, however if they are not, simply leave them for more time. DO NOT try to blow dry them.

In an ideal world, makeup brushes should be washed once every three weeks. By completing this incredibly simple process, you will avoid a great deal of potential harm to your skin and feel as though your brushes were newly purchased.