Shopping Guide: Spring Style on a Budget

After the holidays, not all fashionistas are thrilled about forking out money for a totally new spring update to their wardrobe. If you're like me, you love great deals on good quality, fashion forward pieces. I was going through some different online stores, and they already have added some great spring pieces to their collection. Below are my top picks from Forever under $50! All of these pieces highlight key spring 2013 trends, and are great to mix with your basic wardrobe. You can even combine them with your spring pieces from last year. Yes, I said it. Fashion recycles itself, so many of last years spring trends; lace, neon, stripes, sheer tops are still trending this year! Ladies, maintaining your style does not have to cost an arm and a leg.


Crochet, and lace add a flirty, light, ethereal feel- $27.80


Asymmetrical jackets give you a modern, motorcycle  twist-$32.80. Leather jackets for women are also a great little add-on. They give you a touch of edge on those chillier of nights.


Flowy, Maxi skirts are versatile for day with a sweater, or night with a leather jacket.-$22.80


Lady like pieces and 60's inspired clothing is a major trend this year.-$14.80


Sky High Mary Janes doll you up and give you some height!-$26.80


This silicone neon bag is fresh and super modern. It's perfect for a loud statement.-$14.80

Good luck. Xoxo M.