Shop for Your Girls on Valentine's Day

Photo Courtesy: Valentine's Day - upon hearing these two words, your first thoughts are about your romantic partner. And while it's still two weeks away, that day is going to catch up behind you before you know it. Now, if you're anything like me, you're not a fan of Valentine's Day and you don't buy into all the marketing hoopla - however, you do want to extend your appreciation on this day - so why not do it for your girlfriends, instead?

I am a big fan of Tiffany & Co. - as I'm sure many of you are, as well. Surprise your best girlfriend with a piece from the Elsa Peretti Collection. Known for the very simple collection and its classic heart shape, its timeliness and versatility enables you to wear this piece in any number of settings. This open heart pendant is a small, sterling silver piece, coupled with a 16" chain. Give this gift to the contemporary, modern friend. Or you might have a friend who's more rebellious, edgy and daring than most - give the gift of this elegant, black, sculptural doughnut ring. She'll not only appreciate the ring - but the non-traditional sentiment behind it!

Aside from the norm of gift-giving, try gifting the medium between a bag and wallet - the quintessential clutch! For those nights out, dates with their romantic partners or even for brunch, your girlfriends will thank you for this thoughtful gift. There are many clutches all over stores and the web, but some of my favorites come from Topshop. Its distinct, European style adds class, edge and modernity to any look. This Tri Lock Merino Clutch is small enough for a night out and to fit all your essentials. The forest green color complements an all-white ensemble best. Additionally, this Stingray and Stud Box Bag is unique in its own sense - its structure, its shape and its detailed studs and sequins, featured all over the bag. Perfect for pairing with a more conservative and refined outfit!