Shop Beauty With STARLOOKS

I love monthly memberships. Partially because I'm addicted to having packages delivered every month. Also it's a great bargain. You pay a set price every month and get a box filled with goodies. Usually the items I end up getting from monthly memberships are things I wouldn't think to buy for myself, but end up falling in love with. It's like Christmas every time the mail man comes by. unnamed-2 unnamed-3

The newest monthly membership I'm checking out is For only $15 a month you get a box with 3-4 full sized makeup products. Again, FULL SIZED products not samples. In the past I've been subscribed to monthly memberships that only offer sample sized. That's great and all, but it doesn't beat getting the actual product. My first box from STARLOOKS has a $72 value. My box included a pencil liner sharpener, angle liner brush, a gorgeous blue eyeliner and a five shadow palette with beautiful colors for the season.

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Check out my online shopping haul video to see the unboxing of my STARLOOKS box below. To get your STARLOOKS membership for only $15 a month subscribe here. Subcribe to my beauty channel for more videos