Shampoos You Should Never Be Without

If you look inside most girls' showers, you'll see at least two bottles of shampoo. It's a pretty common idea that we need more than one. Some people think that your hair will get used to a shampoo after using it for a while, and it won't react as well. Others just like being able to change shampoos with their mood. But every girl really should have these:

  • A regular daily shampoo


This is the one you reach for on most days when you just want normal clean hair. Depending on your hair type, this could be a moisturizing shampoo, one for curly hair, one for fine hair, or whatever you need. I tend to be more thrifty with the products that wash down the drain, so it doesn't have to be a salon brand every time.

  • A clarifying shampoo


With all the products we put on our hair (oils, conditioners, hair sprays, etc.), we're bound to get buildup. Clarifying shampoo will get rid of all the residue and leave your hair feeling extra clean. It's a little harsh for every day though, so only use it once ever week or so.

  • A dry shampoo


It's simply not good for your hair to wash it every day. It's also inconvenient. Who wants to get the blow dryer and hot tools out every single day? For the days you skip, use a dry shampoo to get rid of oil and liven your hair up. Batiste is definitely my favorite.

  • A color boosting shampoo (optional)


Colored hair requires a little special care. You'll need a shampoo to preserve your color and be gentle on those damaged strands. You could use this as your every day shampoo if you want, but not everyone does. They make shampoos for blondes, red heads and brunettes to boost your highlights, and blondes can get a purple shampoo to tone their color.