Shampoo Review

With so many different brands promoting so many different shampoo types, it's no wonder people get lost while trying to achieve better hair. For many of us, it's to the point where we're interchanging shampoos so frequently that we don't even get a chance to really see the effects of each type. Well, allow me to bring some clarity to this subject... Until last year, I was a shampoo flip-flopper. Every trip to the drugstore resulted in the purchase of a differently labeled shampoo and conditioner. After much experimentation, I finally committed to one brand, and I am convinced I have found hair's answer to happiness. If you are like me, and have relatively normal, slightly wavy hair of medium-thickness, I highly recommend the use of the TRESemme touchable softness shampoo and conditioner combination.


This is one brand I that I believe when it makes the claim that their shampoo is that of professionals. After a full year of using strictly this shampoo and conditioner, I am so pleased with how smooth, shiny, and tame my hair is. I used to always wake up to head full of frizz, and hair that felt extremely brittle. I find that TRESemme has really helped highlight the good aspects of my hair; now I hardly feel the need to use any kind of tool, whether it be a straightener, or blow dryer, to feel put together.

If you fall into that category of the uncertain shampoo-buyer, I definitely recommend giving any of the shampoos/conditioners from TRESemme advanced technology line a try.