Shake It Out: Tool-Less Hairstyles

Lets face it, electric hair tools were created for a reason: they finalize our look and tame our frizziest of ends. But truth be told, tools aren’t accessible 365 days a year, nor do they do a great job of maintaining hairs nourishment. That being said, I am a huge fan of natural, but nonetheless fabulous, everyday hairstyles. All you need is a brush, some hair ties and bobby pins, and you have all the tools you need to pull off an effortlessly sexy hairstyle that will compliment any chosen look.  There is however one standout style that I always fall back on. It’s simple, time-saving, and sexy. It’s what I like to call, “the mid-to-low messy pony.” First thing’s first: make sure your hair is washed. The next vital step is to carefully comb your hair from root to tip. Then, take a very small amount of product (I recommend Moroccan Oil, but if that is unavailable to you, a dab of regular conditioner mixed with water will do) and run your fingers through your damp hair. Shake it out and let your hair dry naturally.  (Keep in mind this style works best for girls with mid to long length and straight or wavy hair).

Once your hair is dry, part it down the middle. Use two bobby pins to pull back a small portion of your hair on either the left or right side. Secure the pins just above your ear. Next, lift your hair from underneath your head into a low ponytail. Secure your hair tie and lightly pull the pony from both the left and right sides simultaneously. This will raise the ponytail and give it some unruly texture. To avoid frizzies, give your hair a quick once-over with the hairspray bottle.

Give this hairstyle a try on your next “lazy” day… not only will your hair be thankful for the break, but you will enjoy feeling Jessica Biel-sexy.