Self-Tanning Made Easy


By reading previous posts of mine you know how obsessed I am with being bronzed and finding the best of the best self-tanners. When you want a darker complexion the easiest thing to do is  jump on a tanning bed, but those UV  rays will do more damage than good. It isn't always easy to spot a good self-tanner either. So, how do you find a worthy one that actually works, won't smell bad or leave your skin blotchy? Easy, I've found the perfect one for you!

Designer Skin has a self-tanning duo that will have people wondering if you've been on a tropical vacation. The smaller bottle, Just Say Yes! is the main self-tanner. Apply it once a week all over your body and from day one you will start to see color. The more you use, the better it will work.

Tinted Love is a daily moisturizer that will help maintain the color you get from Just Say Yes!It has a hint of self-tanner and really keeps the skin smooth. There are oils and vitamins in the formula that help enhance the appearance of your skin as well. Both products work amazingly when combined. The fragrance on both is so good and doesn't smell like other tanners. It's more like lotion based perfume.  If you're looking for a quick and easy tan then Designer Skin will make it happen.