I get a ton of questions on my hair – and I mean a TON! “What are your favorite hair products?” How do you keep your hair healthy?” How do you maintain the shine?”

Having healthy hair is super important to me. In between filming videos for my channel and shooting photos for the blog, I have no room for bad hair days. I love Neutrogenaâ because they create products that are dermatologist tested that are great for both hair and skin. One of their hair products has quickly become my secret weapon – the Neutrogena  Anti-Residue Shampoo.

I have to admit – my hair is pretty overworked. I blow dry it multiple times a week and always use additional styling products like curling wands. On top of that my hair is also oily. Between the styling tools and products that I use, I needed to press the reset button. The anti-residue shampoo is that reset button for my hair.

I use the shampoo once a week to keep my hair gorgeous looking at all times. After the first use you’ll notice:

  • This shampoo instantly removed residue left behind from other shampoos and styling products
  • Leaves hair super clean and soft
  • Is perfect for all hair types
  • Has no artificial color dyes in the formula
  • Has a clean, fresh scent

Whenever I use this shampoo I also use the NeutrogenaTriple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask. I leave the mask on for a few minutes instead of using a conditioner. Once I rinse, I’m left with silky soft hair. This duo is definitely my go-to.

By using this shampoo once a week, you’ll notice your other hair products and shampoos start to work better. Like I mentioned above, it truly is like hitting the reset button.

By the way, this shampoo is totally safe to use on color treated hair – like mine. The Neutrogena  Anti-Residue Shampoo is the secret weapon that I’m sharing with you only! I swear by it and you will too.