Scrub A Dub Dub

Remember when bath time was fun? When it wasn't just about getting clean but more of a little water adventure. DollyMoo body scrubs is bringing the fun back to bath time -- for adults. I'm a huge fan of body scrubs especially in the winter time. Exfoliating your body helps get rid of the dead layer of skin that can cause dryness and build-up. After continuous use of one your skin will appear much healthier and have a glow.

The DollyMoo body scrubs are so delicious you might be tempted to eat it. While it could be toxic to inhale, this scrub does a whole lot of good for your actual skin. The ingredients are natural and the salt and grains aren't too rough at all. Mine is a coconut citrua scent which makes me forgot I'm in the middle of Winter for a few minutes.

The matching scented body oil is just as delicious smelling. I like to apply it immediately after the shower. This helps lock in the moisture and your body remains silky soft.