Say Goodbye To Dry, Winter Lips

This winter is a tough one, and it's taking its toll on our lips. A regular lip balm or lip gloss alone won't cut it for the next couple of months. The first thing you should do on a weekly basis is exfoliate. You can check out How To Get A Flawless Lipstick Application for more tips on exfoliating. After that the best thing to do is moisturize to the maximum. Here are my top 5 favorite winter lip balms:

#5. Vaseline Lip Therapy (1.99)

#4. Carmex Lip Balm ($2)

#3. Rosebud Lip Balm ($5)

#2. Blistex (1.99)

#1. Burtsbees ($3)

#1 and #2 made the top, because they're minty and feel like they go to work right away. The other three are extremely moisturizing and work great too.