Say Goodbye To The Fuzz

Unwanted hair and hair removal has to be one of the least glamorous beauty topics. That being said, it’s also the one topic we can all relate to on a very personal level. Today I’m happy to be sharing that this once painful and time consuming process has gotten quite easier thanks to Completely Bare. gofuzzfree_calmdown

Let go of your hair removal fears, because Completely Bare has a collection of products to make the process a whole lot easier for us. The products vary from pre and post products to use when grooming, to ones for actual hair removal as well. They have quite a few to check out, but today I’m sharing two of my favorite.

There are two problems I deal with when it comes to hair removal – razor bumps on the bikini line and facial hair growth above my lips. Why we’ve been cursed to deal with issues like this? I’ll never understand. What I do know is that Completely Bare has eased my pain.


Let’s start with the Calm Down – Ingrown Hair Razor Bump & Redness Eliminator. Personally, I get waxed but still have to shave my bikini area in between waxing appointments. Ingrown hair still happens when you wax and razor bumps is a definite issue on the bikini line. Calm Down works by alleviating the skin after waxing and shaving. The formula is super sensitive and soothing, which means you can use it on any part of your body where waxing and shaving takes place. When you use this stuff after grooming you help heal damaged skin, calm the stinging and keep your skin smooth and soft. This also helps to prevent future razor bumps and ingrown hair.




Another product I love is the Go Fuzz Free -- Facial Moisturizer & Hair Inhibitor. This little guy is powerful. There are so many benefits to using this moisturizer -- you’re crazy if you don’t pick it up asap.

  • Formula features Tri-complex which helps reduce hair growth density and length (your hair removal process will become less frequent after using this)
  • This is a vitamin enriched moisturizer
  • Minimizes wrinkles
  • Helps to even out your skin tone

Honestly, they had me at reduce facial hair growth and the fact that this moisturizer has so many added benefits on top of that is just a plus. If you’re ready to slow down facial fuzz then pick this bad boy up NOW.


The point of today’s post was not just to share my most dreaded and embarrassing beauty issues, but to hopefully make you feel better about it too. After using Completely Bare I definitely do! A once dreaded process has been turned around for me.

This post was sponsored by Completely Bare Products. All opinions are my own.