RocksBox Jewelry Membership

While I absolutely love to shop, the items I’m normally shopping for are beauty products and clothes. I wish I could snag all the accessories in the world, but my budget doesn’t always allow me to splurge in that department. The creators of RocksBox turned a genius idea that solved my dilemma. RocksBox is a monthly membership that sends you three pieces of jewelry every month. When you’re ready for your next box  shipping it off is simple. Put the jewelry away in the box it came in and ship it off in the pre-paid shipping label included for you -- it's that easy. IMG_0936



When you create an account on the first thing you’re prompted to  do is take a personality quiz. The personality quiz is fun and determines the jewelry you will get in your monthly RocksBox box. All jewelry is completely cleaned before it gets shipped to the next person so you don’t need to worry about that. The items that you don’t feel you can part ways with are yours to keep! RocksBox offers 20% off the retail price on the jewelry you want to buy.

I can’t tell you the amount of jewelry that’s just sitting around my room and no longer wear. I love that this membership allows me to try different pieces and switch them out when I’m ready to try something new -- and I love trying new jewelry.