Rock On With Napoleon Perdis

Foundation has to be one of the toughest products to shop for, but when you find the perfect one it's hard not to fall in love with it instantly. You start wondering what would happen if they stopped making your shade and think back to all those times when you could have looked so much better had you been wearing the perfect foundation.

That's how I feel after finding Napoleon Perdis' Advanced Mineral Makeup with an SPF 15. My skin is combination/oily and if I wear the wrong makeup my face will start looking a little shiny by mid-day. This semi-matte foundation offers the perfect balance. I get incredible coverage which leads to perfect looking skin. And in pictures -- forget about it -- flawless. The foundation is easy to apply and blends instantly to your skin.

Before I even apply foundation, I start the process off with the Mattifying Mineral Primer. This primer is lightweight and has a double use. I use it underneath my foundation and again over the foundation for a matte finish. The primer is also great for soothing your skin and covering up any redness. Both the foundation and primer are from Napoleon Perdis' Rock On Collection. I'm a sucker for packaging and the black and gold accents make the products that much more luxurious. And again, I strongly reccommend these two for those with combination/oily skin.