Riri Woo Giveaway


Thanks to all of your amazing support I've reached 4,000+ subscribers on my YouTube channel. As a thank you I'm giving away 2 Riri Woo lipsticks from MAC's Rihanna collection. There are two ways to enter this giveaway. One way is through my YouTube channel. I created a video for it which you can watch here or on this blog post or directly on my channel. Rules for entering that way are on the bottom bar of the video. You can have to follow those rules in order to qualify.

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The second way to enter to win a Riri Woo lipstick is via my Instagram account @melissaflores. The rules for entering via Instagram are on the photo I posted of the giveaway. Good luck to all of you dolls and once again thank you so much for your continued support.

***As a bonus you can have an extra entry to the giveaway by subscribing to this blog via email or bloglovin and leaving a comment below***